“By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail”
– Benjamin Franklin


Meet Daniel.

Hi, I’m Daniel.

Daniel D. Cooper Web Solutions is my website development business located in Chicago, IL. Our mission is to help businesses better represent themselves without paying high agency prices. We serve clients from all over the United States including New Jersey, Las Vegas and more!

I started learning about web design back in 2005 after graduating from the University of Kansas. Having been involved in the field since before smart phones, I am very well-versed with how the value of having a website has changed and its relationship with web development technology.

Aside from leading my business, I am also an avid runner having run 12 marathons. Some notable personal records I am happy about is a 20:19 5k and a 1:40:09 half marathon. In high school I also ran a 16:58 3mi, and 11:08 2mi, and a 4:59mi; Those have been withstanding for nearly 20 years but aren’t engraved in stone yet!

My approach to my business is very similar to my approach to running: It all comes from deciding to live a certain lifestyle in which being prepared and having discipline is a necessity. Just as I wouldn’t run a race without being prepared, I would never take on a new client without being prepared either. Let’s create something cool!

Daniel D. Cooper

Daniel D. Cooper
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